Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone:

I just learned that one of my closest friends, and most important cases has resolved. The government and Marty Bradley agreed to terms which include a maximum sentence of 15 years. He will be re-sentenced on December 11, 2017. I anticipate he will be home by Christmas. And certainly he will be released to home confinement in the first half of 2018. The court released his father (who has health problems) today on bond, pending re-sentencing. This is a 10 year reduction in Marty’s sentence.

When I learned the deal was complete, I have to admit what a wonderful feeling. Every prisoner wonders if they will feel a twinge of bitterness or envy. I am exceptionally pleased that I did not, not even a hint. Coincidentally—or maybe not—just yesterday one of my two longest friends, Hung the Pam left for camp. A camp near his home, where is son can visit. Pham is going home 4 years early as a result of an extraordinary event, his judge reversed himself based on our reconsideration motion.  The day Pham won was day of exceptional satisfaction for me, getting him home to his still young kids was exceptionally cool.

So today I am thankful to God that my friends—both good and kind men [I know from personal observation] — one (Marty) who is actually innocent and one (Pham) who was grossly mischaracterized have seen a measure of justice.

Happy Thanksgiving


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