Federal Judge Humiliates Mentally Ill Inmate

U.S. District Judge Carlos E. Mendoza displayed an inexplicable bias against a mentally ill federal inmate, Frank Amodeo. Amodeo, deemed incompetent in 2008, is currently serving a 270 month sentence for a corporation’s non-payment of reported taxes.

Press Release

On December 21, 2016, U.S. District Judge Carlos Mendoza expressed his personal bias against Frank L. Amodeo in an order issued in the case of the United States v. Donovan Davis, Case No. 6:14-cr-43-CEM-DAB (M.D. Fla. 2016). Judge Carlos Mendoza accused Mr. Amodeo of committing two crimes: (1) the unauthorized practice of law; and (2) facilitating the obstruction of justice.

Complaint Against Judge

Washington, DC, Department of Justice attorneys knowingly use perjured testimony to obtain conviction.

D.Davis Press Release


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Happy Holidays-Merry Christmas

An email to all,

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or both!

On this eve of Christmas I am reminded of miracles that happen every day. And reminded of the outstanding progress the human race has made in the last 21 centuries. For all the failures there are many more triumphs. — Starvation is nearly defeated, the poorest on earth possess the ability to communicate instantly to any civilization, news from every cranny in the world is known to all. The race has much to be thankful for. Yet even more progress can be made, one by one we can move the mark, and if we all move in the same direction — what stunning things await us in the next generation.

Once again enjoy the holidays.


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Motion for Certificate of Appealability

On April 4, 2016, Frank L. Amodeo through his state appointed guardian, Charles Rahn filed a motion under 2255 seeking habeas corpus relief for his ward. Mr. Rahn’s petition raised two grounds for granting relief.

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The system is very flawed. But patience and perseverance prevails.

Recently I walked 70 year old James Chaplin to the front door. He is leaving seven years early in great part through my assistance. He will get to see his children and wife tonight after more than a decade. He was sentence to 210 months for possessing empty bullet casings—-not a gun, not bullets, just spent shells.

601 sentence corrections 1354 years saved.

David Snoddy leaves Monday – 4 years early. His daughter is picking him up, and his brother (Atlanta lawyer) expedited him to Tampa. Otherwise, he would have been sent to Alabama (where he was convicted) and where the rest of his family had resided until they died, all while he was here. David spent his 9 years here because he had access to family member’s firearm—not that he held it or used it just that he had access. Plus, the district and appeals court got the law wrong, until now.

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Supreme Court Vacates Appeals Court Order in A. Jackson Case

Supreme Court Vacates Appeals Court Order in Anthony Jackson Case, Determining a Judicially Created Default Would Destroy the Constitution’s Substantive Due Process Principles.

Eight years ago, because of a broken reflector on his bicycle, Anthony Jackson was arrested. Since the sentencing court mistakenly believed he had previously committed a violent crime, he was sentenced to 180 months in prison. A punishment three times that recommended by the federal sentencing guidelines, but the minimum punishment allowed by federal law. Mr. Jackson was shocked, he could not believe it when the judge said he would not impose this sentence if the court had a choice, but the court does not. Last week, the Supreme Court agreed with Mr. Jackson’s sense of confused outrage, and granted Mr. Jackson’s petition for certiorari, vacating the Eleventh Circuit’s Court of Appeals’ third attempt at affirming Mr. Jackson’s sentence.

Jackson PR 160621

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A rapid-cycing Axis 1 Bi-polar – Prison Legal Advocate

For immediate release. June 12, 2016
Frank Amodeo, A rapid-cycling Axis 1 Bi-polar – Prison Legal Advocate
FrankAmodeo-Bio Press Release 160612

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Application for Certificate of Appelability

May 2, 2016 – Frank Amodeo’s Application for Certificate of Appelability. 160502 Rose Motion for COA.

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