A.Upton, Tampa:
“Mr. Frank helped me lower my sentence by 21 months, and for two years I knew their was someone who I could get to answer my questions truthfully and accurately.”

C.Brown, S.D:
“I am pretty good at legal work, but when I had a chance to get 52 months off, I asked Frank to help. Because the difference between good and great is passion; and in nearly two decades of being involved with lawyers, I never met one more dedicated and passionate thank Frank.”

P.Sims, Palm Beach:
“In the last year, I had two appointed attorneys tell me my motions for relief would not work. But after Frank sent one a letter brief and the other a copy of a motion he prepared both went forward. And I have already received a 31 month sentence reduction with the other action still pending.”

“Over a year ago, after having file several unsuccessful motions, I asked Frank Amodeo help me correct my situation, since I am actually innocent of the crime and conviction. This month (May 2015) the court granted me a full evidentiary hearing on my actual innocence and my attorney’s conflict of interest.”

K.Dauphin, Miami:
“I made a mistake in my original 2255(habeas corpus) filing. After the government tried to take advantage of the mistake. I asked Mr. Amodeo to help. After nearly two years and many filings, the appeals court reversed the magistrate and the district judge’s adverse rulings and remanded the case for the case to be reconsidered in the light of the appellate opinion.”

J.Demint, E.D. Louisiana:
“After serving 25 years in prison, although 2 jurors said they did not think I was guilty, Frank Amodeo overcame the time-bar and the procedural restrictions, to get me back into court. Thus, I have chance to clear my name even though I already served my entire sentence.”

H.Pham, Atlanta:
“For more than 5 years now, Mr. Frank has answered my questions about many things, and he has helped me lower my sentence by more than 3 years, and I still have 1 more motion pending in the court . It has been much easier being in prison with someone like Frank to help.”

M.Goss, Athens, GA:
“My judge sentenced me to twice the Guidelines sentence. I learned my attorney who advised me I was guilty, represented some of the supposed victims, and that his legal advise was wrong. That contrary to what he told me I did not commit the crime. By God’s grace, I met Frank Amodeo and now I am back in court expecting to set my wrongful conviction overturned.”

J.Daugherty, S.D., FL:
“I felt my sentence was unfair, so I started taking Mr. Amodeo’s legal research class, and learned it was. I also learned I might not be to late to correct it, but inspired by the whiteboards in our prison activity room that identify hundreds of inmates Mr. Amodeo has already helped I stuck with it and today I am back in court having beat the deadline by hair.”

J.Ross, Maine:
“Over and over again, I tried to resolve certain state charges that were keeping me from halfway house and other BOP programs. Not to mention I was forced with possibly several more years in prison. Finally, I went to Frank, who wrote a brilliant simple few pages, never cited a single case, and the state court dismissed the charges, saving me a years of prison and making me eligible for server life-changing training programs.”

C.Trimble, Savannah:
“After earning a year off my sentence through RDAP and earning extra halfway house time. My past came back to haunt me through a bunch of stale (unpaid) traffic tickets and state detainers for minor criminal behavior. I asked Frank to help, he jumped right in and we cleared the mess up, so I could go home.”

J.Carrasco, Miami:
“Five years ago Frank Amodeo told me the plea agreement waivers of ineffective-assistance-of-counsel claims, were invalid because they resulted from unethical actions on the part of the attorneys, i.e., provisions that created inevitable conflicts between defense attorneys and their clients. At the time nobody believed him , but last October the Department of Justice joined 12 states in eliminating the practice for the very reasons we stated in hundreds of our filings.One of many examples where Frank has proved able to see the future of the law.”

K.Belizare, S.D. of Florida:
“A friend of mine who was the classic jailhouse lawyer told me when he left get “Frankie B” to help you finish your case; he did and I received an evidentiary hearing. But without money to ensure the best and most dedicated lawyers, I decided best to suffer the injustice of only a few years in prison as result of talking about drugs and drug dealers who were only imaginary. But thanks to Frank my rights are preserved and some day I can have the truth proved.”

“My case was and is extremely complicated and time consuming. Frank did not hesitate to help me and did so zealously. I can honestly say he did as much for me as my private attorney who charged me $60,000.”

B.Erwin, Tampa:
“Quite fortuitously I met Mr. Amodeo who forged a dedicated, honest, and refreshing course towards relief in my case. Frank’s guidance is welcomed and his drive infectious. Righting wrongs is his impetus for serving an underserved community.”

S.Hill, Tampa:
“Although I still have not received any formal relief, based on Frank’s filings, the district court judge has concluded my sentence was illegally imposed.”

R.Herrera-Pino, Mexico:
“I have been convicted of attempted murder in the state of Texas, 18 years later, with Frank’s help that conviction was overturned, and I was found guilty of a misdemeanor.”

T.Jackson, South Carolina:
“Mr. Frank taught me to be patient, to wait and let things happen naturally; because of that lesson and his writing my pleading, I received a 37 month sentence reduction, and became eligible for both a transfer to a minimum security camp and a halfway house after that.”

D.Duhart, S.D. of Florida:
“Frank Amodeo helped me with my 2255, I lost in the district court, but won a certificate of appeal ability from the Eleventh Circuit. The government conceded one of my appellate issues, but I lost the other, so I have not yet got any relief. But because of my partial victories, I still have hope 9 years after my conviction that my wrongful conviction will be overturned and I might obtain some justice.”

A.M., Georgia:
“I took Frank’s legal studies classes in the ACE program, won an evidentiary hearing in my 2255 and reached an agreement with the government to get a 35 month sentence reduction.”

S.C., Greensboro:
“Mr. Amodeo assisted me with obtaining a very rare grant of a certificate of appealability from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. I understand that a dozen a year are granted.”

R.GeorgeIII, Florida:
“Wow! it’s been a relief since I met Frank. He has shown me clearly, where I’m being held unjustly and has vowed to help me fight this legal battle until justice is served. I think he’s heaven sent and I thank God for him each and every day.”

S.Hill, Florida:
“Frank has given me hope that I will get out of prison where I can be with my only grandson and not have to die in prison due to a faulty, unjust so-called “Justice System”.”

L.Porter, Tampa:
“After being sentenced to Federal Prison for possession of a firearm by a felon, I was puzzled and lost. My attorney had told me there was nothing to file. Somehow on my last day to be able to file, I met Mr. Amodeo and I beat my deadline by one day. And that one day changed my whole case, thanks to Mr. Amodeo.”

J.Jones, Tampa:
“When everyone gave up on me, Frank helped me to get my case back in court. It was only that I learned of Frank by someone who advised me to go to his legal research class that is held in the prison library. The guys I spoke with advised me that Frank would even pay for your postage if you were indigent and do your work for free. This is something I needed because I have no source of income. Now thanks to Mr. Amodeo I have hope.”

S.Hill, Florida:
“His totally altruistic behavior in trying to right the wrongs that have been perpetrated on hundreds if not thousands of unaware, uneducated people that have found themselves caught up in this labyrinth called the “Legal System”, is truly amazing/noteworthy/unheard of. Thousands of people have been tried by overzealous prosecutors and “defended” by untrained, careless, ill-prepared, and uncaring attorneys.”

Resident of Mass.:
“With Frank’s help, I was able to have a number of old traffic violations dismissed. Now, I am eligible for RDAP and a 1 year sentence reduction and a year of halfway house.Thank you Mr. Frank.”

R.M., Florida:
“Thanks to Mr. Frank’s volunteering efforts teaching a legal research class, I have a better understanding of the facts, charges, sentence and possible relief in my case. Thanks Frank!”

R.Bailey, Chicago:
“Mr. Frank has never stopped trying to help me. I am an 85 year old man and thanks to Mr. Amodeo’s companion and dedication, I hope to be home this year after being in prison for almost 20 years.”

M.B., Georgia:
“Many hours have been spent w/Frank Amodeo walking around talking about my case. Even though I have some of the best attorneys in the country, it was within those conversations where we discovered mistakes that my attorneys overlooked. Thank you.”

“The “Justice System” is in shambles and needs “a check up from the neck up”. Frank has and is making a huge difference in many people’s lives by his actions which speak much louder than words. He can use all the help he can get from other individuals/groups, etc that want to see change and real justice in this system of inequities.”

G.D., Florida:
“I paid an attorney to help me file a habeas petition. The only thing the attorney did was fill me full of hope and take my family’s money. I went to Frank, with his assistance we filed a complaint to the Florida bar, and I got $2,500 (half) the money paid. Thanks Frank.”

EduardoP., Mexico:
“Even though I am deportable, Mr. Frank and one of his assistants help me get a 30 month reduction in sentence based on Amendment 782. Thanks Mr. Frank”

N.R., Puerto Rico:
“Mr. Amodeo, with the help of one of his assistants, helped me receive a 24 month reduction in my sentence. It went down to my mandatory minimum of 120 months. I didn’t think I qualified but he helped me lower my sentence. Thanks Mr. Amodeo and friends.”

Resident of Florida:
“I had a State detainer filed against me. Mr. Amodeo filed a motion to quash the detainer because it was preventing me from receiving the one year reduction of my sentence for completing the drug program. Today I am happy to announce that I will be completing the program with the incentive of a one year reduction thanks to Frank Amodeo and friends on his misfit legal team.”

RDAP Participant, Texas:
“Mr. Frank helped me establish my parental rights w/ my daughter. Today for the first time I am getting to know my little girl thanks to Frank Amodeo and his dedicated team of helpers.”

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